Yuko Nogami Taylor

November 2019 solo exhibition – Majestic Incognito: Sanctuary

In 2017 I traveled to Northeast India to visit a dear friend who used to live in NC. This area is a foundation of hearty dark English Breakfast Assam Tea and fragrant gentle highland Darjeeling tea.  My longtime dream of visiting the route of “Silk Road” and the love of a cup of soothing tea at teatime is a simple connection to these lands.

I asked her, who is the ancestor and child of the scholars of Boro-tribe and its kingdom, to take me to the area. She had stated many times that the Boro tribe is her heritage. She also said there are people who looked just like me. These seemingly untouched indigenous people – the Boro, and other indigenous people in the area, are tragically beautiful, ideally simple, unthinkably strong, and its culturally merged with the earth. I found a need to look for deeper connections, realizing that I would not be able to solve the puzzle of how I, many generations Japanese female, was obviously genetically connected to these indigenous Boro residing in Northeast India.

As a visual artist, I am able to express respect and weave my personal connection to the Boro via these series of paintings inspired by my visit to Northeast India.

October 31 – December 1, 2019

Third Friday Reception: November 15, 2019 6-9 pm

Hours: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12-9. Sunday 12-4

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