Vivian Blanco

Vivian’s journey began in Caracas, Venezuela at a very young age, where she started experimenting with different materials, by creating simple crafts and learning about the uses of tools, meanwhile she helped her father with the handy work at home.

She was also attracted by sculptures, their shapes, volumes and movements.  She has kept that sense of wonder and curiosity alive by constantly finding and admiring the geometry, balance, and harmony, from nature to man-made designs, passionate not only for the result itself but by the process of creation.

In high school, as a way to solve her need to have jewelry, she started making simple jewels, for her and her friends, and that became her hobby.  And because precision and intense attention to details were the core of her work, she decided to study dentistry. But what she enjoy the most has always been art,  in 2006 she made a bold move and decided to quit as a dentist to become a full-time artist, and studied silversmith, pottery wheel and glass fusing.

Thankfully, ever since she moved to North Carolina, in 2016, her path as an artist has been strengthened thanks to the artistic movement and the support of the local community, which keep her in a journey of discovering, exploring and growing as an artist, allowing her to start making truly what she really likes: sculptures, or as she likes to call them “wearable sculptures”.

Recently she decided to also dedicate her time to work in sculptures in bigger scale, mixing materials, for a common expression of art. And she had her first exhibition in 2017 at Durham Art Guild’s 63rd Annual Juried Exhibition, winning the  People choice award.

Now, as a member of 5PG, she has the momentum to keep pursuing her dream of creating  sculptures in any possible scale and have them displayed as public art.

She feels that her hands are only the tool to reveal the piece, that is waiting to become matter.  

In the words of Hans Arp: “”I allow myself to be guided by the work which is in the process of being born, I have confidence in it. I do not think about it. The forms arrive pleasant, or strange, hostile, inexplicable, mute, or drowsy. They are born from themselves. It seems to me as if all I do is move my hands.”



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