Teddy Devereux

Teddy’s glass fusing adventure began in 1993 with a workshop taught by well known glass artist Dan Fenton. Utilizing scientific themes in her art was stimulated during a long and exciting scientific career in the Research Triangle Park.

“Creating fused glass art has now become a life passion and obsession. Nature’s patterns and biological forms have always interested me and inspired my art. I love virtually and abstractly dissecting organisms to reveal the inner features, intricacies, and beauty of the organelles. Besides the colors, transparency, and light that make fused glass a wonderful medium for creating microcosmic art, the processes and experimentation are energizing.”

You can see more of Teddy’s work at  www.vitreous-humor.com

email: genelady@nc.rr.com

Facebook:  teddyrd

Work by Teddy Devereux: