October 2019 Exhibition

AUTUMN AWAKENING exhibit. Nietzsche invited us to “Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” Below are a handful of works displayed in October 2019:

Mark Abercrombie Solo Exhibition:

Our featured solo artist Mark Abercrombie’s paintings are a feast for the eye. Join Mark shared these works that exemplify his commitment and exploration of abstract expressionism.


Mark Abercrombie Interview

5PG Interviewer:  Do you have a favorite artist who influenced your work, and in what way?

I was never interested in visual art until my early twenties when I discovered Basquiat’s work. He really motivated me to paint initially. I do recall an experience prior to discovering Basquiat where I had the honor to see a Pollock splatter piece in person. It truly left an impression on me that has lasted until today. These days I tend to respect Gerhard richter’s work seeing as he can do anything from realism to total abstraction. Also Richter got me interested in using a squeegee.

5PG Interviewer:  Your paintings have a very unique appearance.  Can you explain to us a little bit about your application techniques?

I have never been taught anything by anyone in terms of painting so I have discovered everything I do on my own. Throwing paint interests me quite a bit. I use syringes, throw from tubes, throw from brushes, drop the paint from the tube from above, and I use paint covered drumsticks to throw/drop paint. I use many items to scrape and move the paint; including palette knives, rulers, and squeegees.

5PG Interviewer:  Anyone visiting Durham and the Triangle region will likely see your works hanging in many local establishments.  How has this gallery location, 5 Points Gallery, previously Pleiades Arts, helped you in gaining such notoriety?

Pleiades has been a game changer for me and I am forever grateful for having gotten to work there for over 5 years. The pressure to constantly create there was fabulous for me. That helped me evolve and improve much faster than I would have on my own. Plus the people at Pleiades are so wonderful and helpful, including Renee Leverty and Kim Wheaton. In terms of being involved in a lot of venues, I had to push forward even in the face of failure. Ive had to believe in myself even when the venues initially didn’t. also there have been amazing, supportive people along the way that have put in good words for me.

5PG Interviewer:  What would a typical work day in your studio look like to a visitor…do you listen to music? Prefer a particular time of day to create?

Strangely enough, I never listen to music when I paint. I prefer total silence, which I find funny seeing as im a huge music fan. Any time I can paint is a good time to paint whether its morning, noon, or night. If there’s a few free hours or more that I have during the day then I try to get to my studio. Also a lot of people associate creativity with alcohol and drugs, but I only paint when im 100% sober.

5PG Interviewer:  What has been one of your greatest accomplishments of your career, and can you tell us about it?

There have been a lot of magical moments so far that have caused me to think “wow”, something special is happening, ive got to keep going! It can be creating a piece im proud of, struggling with a piece and becoming distraught only to be proud of it by the end, getting my art seen in amazing venues that im proud of, having people tell me that my art has changed them, and finally being able to make a living doing what I love.

5PG Interviewer:   How do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

At the very least, im going to keep doing what im doing. Im going to keep striving ahead and pushing for excellence within my self, my best me. Nothing is certain, especially in this field but I do know that ill still be painting.