Natacha Sochat

There is no doubt that art is a universal language that is greater than just connecting words and emotions.  It simultaneously links the artist and viewer through time and distance – fluidly straddling the space between Presence and Absence. Whether we are poetic, political, personal, spiritual, or simply just expressing our existence as an artist, we are bound to the actual experience of our process. The final object is my gift to you. ” 

Natacha views the visual experience as language with multilayered meaning, contradictory at times, simultaneously abstract and recognizable. She values allowing the work to speak for itself.

Natacha uses various mediums in execution of her work: painting, sculpture, crocheting, ceramics, printmaking, photography, performance art, and video. References to being female, human, sister, wife, mother, healer, scientist, and multicultural, all influence her work.

Natacha has an MFA in studio art from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Natacha has exhibited her work nationally with numerous awards, her work is in many private collections. She also has a BA in Biology and a Doctorate in Medicine.

Plum on a Grid I
Plum on a Grid II
Eyeglasses on a Grid I
Woman with Curly Hair
Eyeglasses on Grid II
Hat on a Grid


Natacha’s Portfolio


Instagram: natachasochat

FB: WildDreamerStudio

Live stream interview October 2019