Leslie Pruneau

I paint to reveal our ever-changing attitudes and climates associated with popular culture. Although some current events can stir up a range of emotions, I somehow feel that it is my calling to observe these issues…to try and to truly “see” them…and then to wring it back out onto a canvas or into a 3-dimensional sculpture.

With a respect to my classically-trained painting background, I often utilize some very non-traditional painting applications in creating my conceptual constructions and abstract paintings.

My intentions are bound by a certain urgency to work fearlessly, as I follow my trusty working mantra, “I dare you, Leslie.” 

For 35 years as a working artist, in Raleigh, NC, New York, NY and in Berlin, Germany, I grappled with my unpredictable studio practices. But today I embrace them. The world around me is anything but unpredictable, so why should my artwork be any different.

To see more of Leslie’s work, visit her website: ColorVisionGallery.com

email: Leslie@LesliePruneau.com

Facebook: leslie.pruneau

Instagram: lesliepruneaustudio

Leslie Pruneau works: