Julia Harmon – Altered States

New work by 5 Points Gallery Member, Julia Harmon.

  • rough-stock
  • nest
  • cactus-rose
  • firecracker
  • father-of-invention
  • outside
  • reverie collage
  • bestow
  • flourish
  • morning-glory
  • laughter
  • firecracker-collage
  • poetry
  • forever
  • cactus-rose-collage
  • nest
  • net
  • red-woman
  • and-not-a-man-in-sight!
  • breaking-the-barrier
  • bronc-buster
  • semiprecious

Artist Statement

My work is an investigation into the past. I am interested in what has been discarded over time, such as personal memories, societal norms, and style. This body of work pays homage to American culture, past and present. My source material is often lifted from vintage magazines and books that portray feminine and masculine ideals, a concept which my work aims to turn on its head. I am particularly interested in studying the conventional roles of women as illustrated in these sources, using my artwork to challenge and subvert these notions.

This exhibit features both mixed media collage experiments and a series of full-scale paintings inspired by them. Collage as a medium links past and present, transcending time, and encouraging keen and creative observations about our world. It is an exercise of free association and a play on surrealism. It allows me to be painterly and experimental in a way that actual painting does not, with no limitations as to what the paint can do, or the time it takes to develop. My work often touches on the mystical and fantastic, which I wholeheartedly embrace. I can create new realities with my clipped images, freed from their original contexts. In short, the possibilities are endless.

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JULIA HARMON – Interview

Favorite medium: Collage, currently
Beverage of choice: Craft beer or wine.
Favorite place where you have traveled? Mexico.
5PG Interviewer:  What do you wish for others to see when they view your work?
I want to create a relatable experience with the viewer. I want them to be able to create their own narrative when viewing my art. I also love it when people find humor in my work.

5PG Interviewer:  Can you describe your latest series of works?
Mixed media collage on paper or panel, and full-scale oil and acrylic paintings that are inspired by them.
5PG Interviewer:   What is a typical day like for you as an artist? Do you listen to music?
Lately I have been listening more to books on tape and podcasts. They keep me working longer!
5PG Interviewer:  What other artists have influenced you?
I follow many contemporary collage artists and painters. Some notable names are Peter Doig, Ellen Gallagher, Gerhardt Richter, and Neo Rauch. I am also very interested in Outsider Art.
5PG Interviewer:  What is your favorite medium or tool and why?
I like tools that scrape and squeegee paint away. And I have a very sharp little pair of yellow scissors that I use every day.

5PG Interviewer:  What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time, away from the studio?
I love to travel and see new places as much as possible. I enjoy being outside, spending time with friends, and playing games.

  • Bicycle or Motorcycle? Bicycle.
  • Fresh fruit or cake? Fruit 
  • Oceanside or mountains? Mountains 
  • Insomniac or healthy sleeper? A little of both I suppose
  • Roller coaster or floating down the lazy river? I do love a good tube day
  • Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla cake, chocolate everything else
  • Traveling or staycation? Travel
  • Cooking in or restaurant? I love both, but cooking is more fun with other people and loved ones. I like challenging myself with new recipes.