Frank Myers

I have been drawing, painting and photographing things and people my entire life. Always a skilled illustrator, in college I studied with Herb Jackson who introduced me to action painting and abstract imagery. That exposure was instrumental in changing my thinking about imagery from the purely literal to a more conceptual approach.

While I have never been able to master pure abstract imagery, though I keep trying, this experience changed my thoughts about composition and form that has informed my artistic vision ever since. I am best known for my images of the local music scene via my “Painting on Silence” exhibition and book project. These are produced with the latest cameras and technology. On the other end of the spectrum, I still really love to shoot film from large format B&W landscapes to Polaroids. I do my own printing also using the latest ink-jet and digital technology and also using the earliest photographic printing technologies such as cyanotype and palladium/platinum printing.


Instagram: frank_myers


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