Doug Tabb

Probably like you, I have a lot of facets to my personality. I can appreciate dark humor, I enjoy things that are visually engaging, and there are subjects I take very seriously.  I like to think this is reflected in my art, and I hope you’ll get a sense of that as you view my varied pieces in 5 Points Gallery.

I’ve been immersed in art my entire life … embracing it as a child, working for an art supply company, grilling artists on their techniques, pouring over gallery exhibits. I’ve been working in ceramics since 1988. A few years ago, a world of possibilities opened up to me, as an artist, when I began working with mixed materials. I love how each material in a piece can emphasize the others in a way that a single medium can’t. And I especially love working with materials that have already “seen the world” … things like reclaimed wood and rusted metal … that show the marks of age and experience that no manual technique can reproduce and that make you wonder what it’s been through.



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Work by Doug Tabb: