Dawn Hummer

…seeking to connect the public with the beauty and function of handmade art and
its creators
…committed to the Slow Craft Movement

Dawn celebrates the joyful process of creating one-of- a-kind woven and
sculptural pieces for home, public and personal adornment. As a Saori weaver
based in Chapel Hill, she utilizes Japanese floor looms to create contemporary
textural free-form pieces. Influenced by Eastern culture, design elements of
asymmetry, randomness, simplicity, whimsical deconstruction and wabi-sabi are
joyful and identifiable statements in her pieces.

Each of Dawn’s woven pieces is created on the Saori loom without a particular
outcome in mind, allowing for spontaneity and free-form creativity. Sustainable
fibers used in her pieces include: linen, silk, bamboo, wool, alpaca, tencel,
cotton, hemp and sugarcane as well as metals, paper, 16mm film, found, natural
and recycled materials.

Dawn’s sculptural and photographic pieces are inspired by both the natural and
social world, and are often blended together. She utilizes copper, mixed metals,
rock, wood, reed, natural and photographic print materials in their creation.
Whether suspended from above, hung for display, or worn as an adornment, the
process of free-form creativity is the guiding force of Dawn’s art.

Website: www.wildflowerwovendesign.com

email: dghummer1@aol.com

Facebook: dawn.hummer

Works by Dawn Hummer: